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Back to the 80s


We went to see The Jets last week. It’s my first time to catch their show even though this was already their third time to perform in our city.

I just loved them back in the 80s. They were a clean pop band, which was still a preference by majority of us kids at the time. Or perhaps it’s because I was still a tween and didn’t give other artists of ‘questionable morals’ the time of day. In any case, the first album I ever owned was Rocket 2 U, which my mother got for me back in 1988. I would play it every day, morning, noon, and night.

So you can imagine how rarin’ I was to get up and go crazy soon as they started their set. Well, sadly, the nosebleed section was full of middle aged people whose bedtime was forthcoming. Seriously, our section was dead if not for a few people clapping and swaying in their seats, which was all I could do out of concern that balls of tissue paper would be tossed our way for being too rowdy. Some folks were already asleep though. I compensated by screaming along the lyrics of the songs and swaying our arms side to side. What a trip. Not.

The Jets are a very talented group. They sounded great and they played really tight even if they’d probably done those songs a thousand times over.

I noticed the vocals on You Got It All was a bit different from how I recalled Elizabeth (oh yes, I can still name check each of them) sang on the record. Then Moana introduced their younger sister Natalia and that explained it. She’s a lot younger than the rest of the band, too, which got me thinking that she’s probably my age. Still, would’ve been nice if Elizabeth and Eddie made it here. No reason was given why they were missing. They just weren’t mentioned.

The Kia Theater is not for concerts, I can also conclude. At least not the pop/rock/upbeat kind. The hall is narrow and so the seating arrangement is pushed all the way up and back. It’s more suited for classical performances, plays, or graduation ceremonies even. It was, after all, the former New Frontier Theatre where movie premieres were held. I am not looking forward to attending any performances there sooner or later.


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